Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Man, Environment And Science

The history of man and their coexistence with the natural world has been studied since the establishment of the relationship between civilization and environment. Initially with appreciation of the elements of the system did lead to biodiversity studies and analysis of each event that occurred around it, like: fire, thunder, light, motion, lightning and other sources in your elucidates field of view.

The development of science is filed in the roots of human existence. Founded from the generic thought rather than a futuristic perspective, combining all stages and fields of knowledge facilitator and make the conditions for future generations. The composite culture of people - mostly inherited from the eastern (Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Phoenicians, etc...) - Runs fueled the revolution of technology and science in the near future.

Astronomy, mathematics and physics received notable researchers fascinated by natural phenomena. Science has been split by the more deepened studies from religion to technology foundations.

On the other hand, the link of man with the medium was quite excessive having an effect on paradox, as regards the actual distance from both modeling agents time. Modernity hit her to inactive and limited their growth, with a view to religious premises or prevented the practice of science at the time. Once conquered the freedom of philosophy and science multiply, the new contemporary age strode spreading increasing and customs, among others.

The advancement of research and study has never been so fast: only about half a century a flood of electronics inventions, printed marks in social life, always continued to gain strength and prestige as they increased the need.

Nowadays this development is even faster. Using the call to see what globalization is introducing technology in industries, hospitals, colleges and other institutions. However, all these applications are harmful effects to the nature and human life. These are the consequences and implications that influence the cycle and the natural systems, restricted access to jobs for those exempt from qualifying, confinement of ancient cultures, among others. All these aspects draw the current situation and prospects will reset next.

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