Monday, March 12, 2012

How smokeless cigarette lessen damage to your health

Usual consumption of cigarettes is very much detrimental to the consumer's health. In the world nowadays there are thousands of people who are dying as a result of cigarette smoking related illnesses. We should know that cigarettes contain the tobacco substance, glue, paper and other addictives which when combusted and inhaled by the consumer cause harm to almost every body organs, or even result to cancer and defects on the respiratory system and cardiovascular. There are various reasons as to why consumption of cigarette is very harmful to the consumer's health. Firstly, cigarettes contain carbon monoxide and nicotine mixture which can momentarily raise your heart beat rate as well as the blood pressure and can eventually result to strain on the heart along with blood vessels. 

Another reason as to why cigarette smoking can be harmful to your health is the tar content in it which when inhaled makes a coat of soot like substance on your lungs and this eventually results to cancer. Cigarette smoking also produces carbon monoxide which denies your muscles, body tissues and brain of oxygen. This is very dangerous as it can lead to overwork to your body organs, cause lung diseases, as well as heart failures. In most cases cigarette smoking can result to stroke and cause blockage of your blood vessels by the body fat deposits which can result to heart problems.

Why then should you go through all this harm when there is a healthier alternative? Try smoking the electronic cigarette as it is a smokeless cigarette that causes no harm to both the consumers and the people around them. This is important since the electronic cigarettes have got a liquid like nicotine which is found in a nicotine cartridge in which during the electronic cigarette inhalation, a small battery power driven atomizer converts a tiny quantity of the liquid nicotine into vapor form. Therefore, when inhaled the nicotine vapor makes the consumer to feel the nicotine effect within a few seconds rather than minutes as with the normal cigarettes or gum. The electronic cigarettes have got a minute LED light at their tip which glows orange when a consumer inhales so as to simulate the actual cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette also have various strengths of the nicotine cartridges. For instance, the Gamucci electronic cigarettes come with full strength, half strength or minimal strengths. This are mostly created for the users who would wish to quit smoking. This is so because as they continue inhaling small amounts by reducing the strength day by day they'll eventually find it easy to quit.

The major reward of the electronic cigarettes as compared to nicotine patches or gums is that the consumers acquire the nicotine effect much faster and also the users can get the benefit of smoking from a cylindrical object. The electronic cigarettes simulate that down to the smoke. It is thus very advisable to shift from the regular cigarette smoking to the electronic cigarette smoking. These brands are available in the market currently.

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