Friday, March 16, 2012

How Mold Test Kits Can Improve Family Health

Those who find themselves battling against mysterious cold-like symptoms could be suffering from exposure to airborne spores. If there are no obvious signs of fungal growth in the home, many people are unaware of their presence. Mold test kits can help people discover what is causing their inexplicable suffering.

Spores are present in many shapes and forms. None of them are welcome visitors in the home. Most will have a negative influence upon health. Certain sections of the population are at greater risk from exposure to spores than others. These include babies, senior citizens, those with allergies and asthma patients.

To protect family health it is necessary to reduce the volume of spores in the environment. Molds are incredibly resilient organisms. Spores often remain dormant for many years, lying in wait for the perfect conditions for reproduction. Whilst it is not possible to remove all spores, there are practical steps homeowners can take to reduce their presence.

Small patches of fungal growth may be cleaned with a weak bleach solution. It is advisable to wear an air filter mask when doing this, as disturbing the growth can lead to the release of many more spores. Often fungal growth will return because the spores impregnate porous surfaces such as drywall. If the problem is persistent, it may be necessary to hire professional help to remove it.

There are measures households can implement to prevent molds from taking hold in the first place. To do this it is vital to control moisture levels within the home. Ideally, moisture readings should never rise higher than sixty percent. Regularly airing rooms will help. The installation of exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens is beneficial. Dehumidifiers can successfully decrease moisture levels.

If you are troubled by vague and inexplicable symptoms of illness, a testing kit could hold the answer. Mold test kits are relatively inexpensive and quite simple to use. They can offer a reliable analysis of spore activity within the home environment, enabling homeowners to take an appropriate course of action. mold test kits

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