Saturday, March 31, 2012

"The Future of Private Space Flight and Some Concerns With Sensitive Technology Discussed"

"The Future of Private Space Flight and Some Concerns With Sensitive Technology Discussed"," It was a highly successful program, and it had delivered over three decades with an incredible safety record, much better than was anticipated. NASA should be commended. More or less, this is a practice run, but it is a good sign for the future. Sounds great to me, of course I am worried about that technology being used by rogue nation-states to further develop ICBM technologies, not that they can't buy such hardware from China, but it is a problematic challenge in a less than peaceful world in the present period. He also was not too comfortable with the talk about canceling the International Space Station by the Obama Administration, and wasn't too keen on the cancellation of the space shuttle program. e. I think we can do better than the Space Shuttle, we have better technologies now of course. We ought to have a base station on Mars, and colony on the moon by now and space hotels too, perhaps at LaGrange Points. I tell you socialism is a real problem in this county, it will destroy this great nation if we let it. The article stated; ""NASA is at a crossroads. ""I firmly believe if we lose this talent, it won't be to another state or industry, but to another country,"" and ""Logically, I understand that it's time to retire the Space Shuttle and move on to something else, the frustrating thing is that there doesn't seem to really be a plan that's specific in the details for that something. We are not a weak society, or a weak civilization, and we must propel mankind; because if we do not take a leadership role, who on this earth will? Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. . TRY SOMETHING NEW JUST CLICK HERE  

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