Saturday, March 31, 2012

Can We Launch Things Into Space from an Underground Tube?

"Can We Launch Things Into Space from an Underground Tube?"," And recently a think tank member in an online think tank re-introduced this concept but added a mag levitation system to accelerate it in a long tube in a vacuum and then shoot it into space? Think tank member Joe calls this a Tubes Launch System and states; What about a possible new type of launch system for a ground launch of a space vehicle built a mag level rail system in side of a vacuum tube long enough to gain high ground speed with the exit set at the proper angle to get craft into flight orbit, here again there are many questions, one would be what would happen to the craft when it exits the vacuum at a very high speed. Of course in my idea in the link above I took some argumentative statements for it, as you can see. Why not modify this technology like in science fiction movies and use an accelerator like they do at SLAC or one of the other particle accelerators to launch into space. I think it was written up in Popular Mechanics or Popular Science in the 1980's as well and the rough concept appeared in a Hollywood James Bond Movie too. Of course even electronics unravel at 18-28 G's. So, consider this in 2013 TRY SOMETHING NEW JUST CLICK HERE  

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