Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Big Bang Theory Suggests God Exists?"

"Big Bang Theory Suggests God Exists?"," The theory is also supported by the Doppler's effect of red shift of light. So there seems some source that prevailed earlier that gave rise to billions of galaxies namely the cosmic egg. The cosmic egg under high temperature and pressure burst itself up violently giving rise to the matter that we see in the universe today. Certainly god did not created it with his divine act of creation or that it existed forever as it is no less than a science fiction. If God gave birth to god then we end up in an endless regression. According to Hindu mythology God Brahma slept for some period then after some rest gave birth to the universe we see today. Whatever was not explainable or where people couldn't find a reasonable explanation to explain the birth of the cosmos they incorporated a divine act responsible for the creation. Some scientists believe that the cosmos came from nothing or that everything started from nothing. Theory fails to answer this question otherwise its explanation of how universe got created from the big bang of the cosmic egg to the present-day state is immaculate. Is it possible that our universe came from such multi-dimensional universe and through an invisible dimension which is not known to humanity? Many physicists now believe in multi-dimensional world. Einstein proposed his theory of relativity based on four dimensions of space that is the three dimensions as well as time. It is black in the sense that even light could not pass through it. Warm holes the invisible gateway to the other dimensional world is also seemed as possibility. Then there might be multiple big bangs that are many cosmic eggs or that only one egg was enough to create this multiple universes. What was before big bang did time exist, did anything at all was there? Such questions sound philosophical which needs answers. The ideas of Galileo and Copernicus got banished like nothing. Galileo got sentenced to trial because of his discovery of the heavenly bodies and his support for heliocentric theory. Church did not believe in the discoveries of heavens and other astronomical ideas simply because it believed in the orthodox theory that whatever is there is due to god and that there is no reason for finding out what is there in the universe at all. Stephen hawking suggested that big bang theory holds and that nothing could be said about what prevailed before the big bang. It is right that physicists have no answer to the Question of existence before the Big bang. So again science and the religion come face to face about explaining the origin of the universe. If god created the universe that means god exists and if science can explain any other theory that could beautifully explain the origin of the universe without living a single iota of doubt then science wins. Fish does not know what is happening outside the aquarium but only knows about what is happening inside the aquarium. The human beings place in this universe is nothing less than the two-dimensional being which exists for its own sake but god has not given him enough power to know beyond this universe. If on the other hand if God does not exist then who will solve the puzzle and can prove that god really did not exist and that there was no divine act here. In fact only what we can do is just ponder over it and come with different explanations. Quantum mechanics is the study of the very small that is quantum laws applies to very small constituents of the universe. The quarks are like dancing in the universe. The god Shiva creates the universe and gives it life with the water coming from his hairs. By drawing parallel with this analogy the universes could be having their own life thereby undergoing destruction and re-origination. These are called cycles where universes undergo birth and death till eternity. What was there at the time of creation was the quantum physics and thus if god started the creation then he must know quantum physics because with the help of the quantum laws that our universe came about. Creation of such forces is possible today? It will need some imaginary conditions of temperature and pressure to create such forces. So a programmer named god created our universe but that justifies that god does exists. There gained momentum for the new discoveries in this new emerging field. Many classical physicists just ignored the quantum theory holding that everything is already discovered and that the quantum theory looked absurd. There have been many developments in this science till now and physicists are still searching for deeper mysteries in the quantum world the recent work on Higgs boson is an example. Perhaps there are unknown deep mysteries obscured by god in his act of creation that is still unknown to the human being. Big Bang theory explains how chaos prevailed and the quantum laws helped brought about the big bang. The matter that emerged from the big bang gave rise to the galaxies, galaxies in turn gave rise to the stars, stars in turn gave rise to planets and finally planets gave rise to life and life gave rise to humans. What a time where a part of matter is asking itself as to where it came from? One wise person would answer that matter came from matter and nowhere else but when asked to find the source of matter he might get perplexed. If there are multiple universes then in some other universe there is different variety of matter that instead of atoms there are phantoms and instead of nuclei there are cylindrical nucleus while electrons are inside nucleus while protons are revolving around the nucleus. It is possible that their way of thinking is entirely different from the humans. God is an imaginary construct formed by human beings to support their emotional and faith and beliefs. God is god for those who want it but there are also people in this world who deny his existence. .

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