Sunday, July 1, 2012


The imagination is a wonderful thing it is the source of everything we do and everything we are about to do. Imagine if Thomas Edison had no imagination, we would all still be in the dark,  and If Columbus had no imagination we might still be on the other side of the ocean.. What If Alexander Graham Bell had no imagination,We would have no phones. Now imagine if you can that no one had an imagination you got it we all would still be cavemen and women. That is why imagination is so important to develop, they should devote class time to the development of imagination. It has developed everything we desire and want and it will go on forever and take us to the stars and beyond.
Some people can't see past there nose and other's can see past the universe. Some people look at the apple as a meal and others turn it into a way to feed many. Imagination is in every person and the more you use it the more it uses you to create whatever your mind can conceive.
The following example is a case study in imagination, of which i will imagine I have a Tropical Fish Store and doing it from scratch. Imagine a vacant building in a prominant shopping center rent $2000 monthly with electric going to run about $500 and rest utilities and so forth about $200 which comes to $2700 per month to start a store. Now imagine the inside. on one wall stacked 3 high ten to a row 30 ten gal tanks all connected to a central filter and pump. On the opposite wall stacked two high a total of six 55 gallon tanks, and in the middle all fish supplies, enpty tanks, and anything else you want to sell. Now imagine all the fish you will sell from ordering and imagine how many you will be able to raise and sell at 100% profit. Me I can and have mated and raised Angel fish, Bettas, Blue Gouramis, Guppy's, Mollies, Swordtails, Platys, Gold Gouramis, Jack Dempseys, Convicts, Oscars, Black Skirt tetras, Pleco's, To me fish are easy to raise from
birth to salable size. and lots of profit instead of little profit. Imagine you order 10 Oscars from your supplier who charges you $2 ea which would be $20 and you sell them at $4 each for $40 a profit of $20 Now imagine raising your own and selling 10 and keep the whole $40 Imagine never running out of Oscars and Imagine being able to sale to other stores and on the internet. Can you imagine the profits off this one fish. And did you know a mated pair of Oscars can produce over 2500 babies a year. One more example from the live bearers this time take the average Guppy can have between 8 to over 40 live fry each time they mate.  A female guppy is ready to bear fry at 3 months old. and they reproduce a lot another 100% profit and the list goes on and on. also tropical plants can be raised in the aquarium tank. Imagine all the ways you can make money in the tropical fish business. You can give away 5-10 galllon tanks, and make a killer profit from the fish food and supplies people will buy and don't forget they will be repeat customers also.All this started with my imagination. I'm ready now to do the real thing and make some money.



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